Why Not Give it a WURL?

September 19, 2016. I couldn’t sleep all night. I had taken a sleeping pill at 8pm, knowing that it would put me to sleep. What I forgot was that that sleeping pills put me to sleep for about three hours, then keep me up the rest of the night. I had laid in bed in […]

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Mount Olympus

A quite unremarkable trip up Mount Olympus. More than anything it was to get out in the fresh air and keep up our mountaineering legs. I had to work on Saturday so we got on teh trail around 3:30 and finished around 7:00. The way up was mostly dirt and mud, all the snow has melted […]

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Lone Peak

You can visit Tristan’s blog for a trip report. He does a pretty great job, but here are some of my photos and commentary:  

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